Why You Should Try Intuitive Eating

With a new diet coming out every week it seems people forgot what healthy eating approach is. Some may have never even had it. For many eating healthy and staying lean at the same is shrouded in mystery so they are willing to pay money to learn “secrets”. But it can be easy enough, all you have to do is take control over your impulses, desires, and excuses.

What Is Intuitive Eating And Why You Should Try It

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Intuitive eating was aptly named so by its originators but even if they didn’t write a few books about it many people have no problems eating by listening to their body. They may have struggled to come to developing these kind of eating habits but they did and so can you.

Intuitive eating teaches to distinguish emotional hunger from physical one and get rid of diet mentality or stick and carrot approach to eating. You don’t really need a book to ask yourself hard questions and be honest with your answers but if you find that someone else’s insights help you evaluate yourself there are quite a few books on intuitive eating out there.

For those who are simply tired of weighing food and counting calories or sitting in one diet limbo after another just start eating smaller portions till your wieght and your insulin resistance are within norm. From there you can really notice the difference between an emotional/mental hunger and a physical one.

Meanwhile, try to limit empty calories and make some health food swaps to help your body recognize between a sugar crash and real hunger. Do not cut any food groups unless your doctor says you have to and simply enjoy what you like just in smaller portions. The lesson here is to create a healthy relationship with food without going into either extremes (obesity or anorexia) or gaining/losing weight (unless it’s a goal). Also eating a restrictive diet might lead to developing of unhealthy eating habits.

Intuitive eating is all about listening to your body, and not only when it’s hungry, but also when it’sfull. That is why do not hurry when you’re eating and pay attention to the taste of your food while you’re eating (mindful eating approach). It may take time for the signal that you’re full to pass from your stomach to your brain so eating slowly, enjoying every morsel is a great way to give your body time to recognize that it doesn’t need a second.

Should it even be mentioned that eating when you’re bored or experiencing difficult emotions isn’t good? Also being obsessive about weighing and counting may turn out bad for some people.

The problem with eating and overeating for many people is lack of control (calorie counting and diets are used as control mechanisms) over their eating habits. Some feed their emotions while others starve to make their bodies look a certain way. Neither is healthy, nor does it bring any satisfaction to a group of people in question.

Whatever your go-to approach to eating is, you need to at least try intuitive eating. You may learn something about yourself and get fit in the process.

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