3 Best Tips For Crushing Your Sugar Habit

Sugar is mostly bad for you. It causes inflamation in the body and can make you gain pounds quickly. It’s best to approach it with caution and a healthy dose of moderation. It is impossible to avoid sugar altogether but reducing it from your daily intake is the best thing you can do for both your health and your abs.

Crushing A Sugar Habit

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Make It A Treat

It always helps not eating sweets or drinking sugary drinks in dealing with a sweet tooth because the more of that your consume the more you crave it since sugar promotes release of dopamine in the brain. Instead of eating or drinking sweets every day buy some high quality chocolate and keep it for the occasion. It could be a weekend meal with friends or a family dinner. Eat something good, enjoy it and move on.

Opt For Healthy Swaps

Fruit and berries are great at soothing a sweet tooth. You can also chew gum for a few minutes after the meal. It’ll be good for both your teeth and your brain. Remember that if you go for dried fruit you have to make sure there is no added sugar, otherwise your endeavor would be in vain.

Avoid Added Sugars

Added sugar isn’t just a dessert ingredient. There’s sugar in sauces, snacks, and many other shelf products so choosing something that contains little to no sugar especially where it isn’t a vital ingredient (like sweets) is a good way to keep your sugar habit under control and your body healthy and free of sugar overload.

Reducing simple carbs keeps your blood sugar stable and since they act as sugar when they get into your blood it’s best to avoid them for the better overall fitness progress.

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