5 Diet Mistakes That Ruin Your Results

Many of us have been there. We rush into new life cutting out everything ‘bad’ from our lives, burning all the bridges, and making vows we know not yet if we can or cannot uphold. Then more often than not we return to the ‘old life’, our bad ways, and every obstacle we knocked out of our path when we first started that fitness journey. Well, everyone makes mistakes. It’s time to identify and learn from them, to start fresh with a better understanding of diet.

Diet Mistakes That Set You Back

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Going Squeaky Clean

Cleaning up your diet is a good thing. It makes you healthier and lighter, gives you clearer skin. But then it happens. Something ticks you off and you eat anything you can find, fattier the better. Top it off with sweets and your binge turns into a lifestyle again. Don’t shock your body with a radical change. Don’t deprive yourself from treats. Just be honest with yourself. Don’t allow your taste buds rule your life but don’t fall into the trap of binge by cutting out all your favorite foods from your diet once and for all. The best solution is to have a couple of cheat meals a week or to find a healthy alternative to your favorite foods that will please you as much.

Out-Training Bad Diet

On the other side of the problem of super clean diet is a very poor one paired with an effort in the gym/studio/home. You cannot out-train a poor diet. You just can’t. In order to lose fat you have to burn more calories than you intake with food. When you’re eating a high-calorie diet you’re eliminating the calorie deficit you’re trying to provide at the gym. As a result you have zero change in appearance or on scale.

Buying Into Labels

Don’t trust the low-something/healthy labels. Look at the ingredients instead. You might be surprised to see more sugar in a low-fat yogurt than in a regular one. Opt for unsweetened variants and enjoy your dairy with fresh fruit and berries.

Skipping Meals

Skiping meals to save calories is the worst thing you can do while trying to stay on a diet. Staying hungry for hours isn’t going to make you lose weight faster. What it might do is make you crave more food that is less healthy. If you don’t like eating in the mornings try drinking a smoothie to help jump start your metabolilsm.

Not Planning Meals

Clean eating eliminates processed, pre-packaged foods from your pantry. Having less ready-made options leaves you with raw produce you have to cook before eating. This can push you toward less time-consuming foods, which inevitably ruin your diet. Instead of relying on pre-packaged foods try meal prepping. Cook yourself a week or 3 days-worth of healthy food that you can eat for lunch and dinner and only cook for breakfast during the week. This will save you both time and calories and will also eliminate the ‘nothing to eat’ problem.

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