5 Healthy Feel Good Foods That Aren’t Sweets

Carb-rich foods are feel good foods because they boost production of endosphins and dopamines that are responsible for pleasure. Sweets (desserts) tend to be our number one feel good foods to turn to when we need a pick-me-up. Too much carbs/sugar though can lead to a considerable fat gain so limiting carbs is nothing new in fitness when it comes to weight loss. These healthy feel good foods are natural and mostly low in calories, which makes them perfect snacks or base for healthy treats.

5 Feel Good Foods That Aren’t Sweets

Bananas and oranges

Greek Yogurt

Greek yogurt is an amazing product. High in protein, this superfood can be eaten with almost anything from fruits and nuts to savoury salads and meat dishes. Choose an unsweetened variety and add any berries, fruit, or nuts to it to make yourself a healthy but delicious snack. You can also whip it up with some sweet fruit and feeze for a tasty summer dessert.


Nuts can be high in calories but they surely make for a great snack during the day. Mixing nuts and dried fruit is a great way to make sure you get protein, healthy fats and carbs as well as fiber. Beware eating too much in one sitting as only 18 g of almonds (around 15 kernels) can add 100 calories to your diet while 10 kernels of macadamia nuts (around 28 g) will add twice that much.


Oranges are high vitamin C and antioxidants. This amazing fruit has many delicious varieties and can also be used to make meat dishes, sauces, and smoothies.


A natural sweetener, banana has become one of the staple fat-loss foods. They are tasty on their own, they can be used to sweeten your oatmeal, smoothies, and you can make an ice-cream just by tossing them into a freezer without peel and blending them in a food processor.


Strawberries aren’t only delectable on their own, but they make a lot of dishes taste better. They can provide sweetness to desserts and also a hint of intrigue to salads. Eat them with peanut butter to substitute a less healthy jelly or cream cheese for a cheesecakey feel.

If you’re still not persuaded try substituting milk chocolate with dark rich quality one with high cocoa percetage for a truly decadent yet healthy feel good treat. Also working out, meditating, laughing, and having sex also releases endorphins so be sure to not rely on food alone to make you feel good.

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