Clean Eating Habits That Will Make Your Life Easier

If you’re only starting eating clean you might find that eating clean can be challenging in quite a few ways. Meals have to be planned and cooked. And you also need to have all the ingredients fresh and ready. It takes time and effort and fast (prepacked) food starts to look tempting again but wait till you decide to give up your healthy ways and try these clean eating hacks that are bound to make your life much easier.

Clean Eating Habits For Healthy Lifestyle


Smoothie In a Bag

Smoothies are great as snacks and meals and can be made with fruit, vegetables, and nuts alike. You can come up with lots of different combinations and never drink the same smoothie every day (of course, unless you want to). Pre-packing your smoothies in ziplock bags can be a great time-saving trick that will allow you to blend a smoothie in a blink and not think about what you should put in it. Make a week-worth of smoothie bags and always have a healthy snack or a post-workout meal.

Salad Mix

Fresh salad is a healthy eating staple but washing, cutting, and mixing salad every day (or even a few times a day) can take a little more time than you can spare. So make your favorite salad in a large bowl (to not squash and press the greens) and wrap a bowl with paper towel to keep moisture from ruining your lettuce or leafy greens, doule with a plastic wrap, and skip the condiments and dressing till you’re ready to eat it.

If you want to eat different salad every day then wash and dry the ingredients. Store them in different containers lined with paper towels. Prepare different toppings and make sure to keep them on hand.

Leftover Lunch

Packing leftovers from a healthy dinner for lunch at work can solve the ever-troubling question what to eat to stay fit during the day. Lunch can be problematic for many people who work at the office so packing a meal from the day before can make it so much easier and keep your lunch healthy. Make sure your lunchbox or brown bag also has a piece or two of fresh fruit and vegetables, one serving of almonds or other nuts, and a bottle of water to keep your snacks healthy and to stay hydrated.

Prepare Overnight Breakfast

Overnight oatmeal or quinoa can save you a lot of time and calories in the busy mornings. Cooking breakfast with the dinner can be a great alternative to quick oats, cereal, or other type of easy breakfast.

Complement Your Grocery List

Writing ‘fruit and veggetables’ in your grocery list might be a bit abstract when you actually come to the store to pick them up. Elaborating your grocery list with names of foods you actually eat will save you time in the store. And complementing your grocery list with a meal plan will give you exact information on ingredients you need. You’ll know exactly what to do with your veggies and other foods. This will not only make it easier for you to maintain healthy lifestyle but will also make sure those foods just won’t go to waste because you didn’t know what to do with them.

Make a Dessert

Eating clean means eliminating processed foods and sugar but it doesn’t mean dessert can’t be clean and healthy. A fruit bowl with nuts and dark chocolate chips is a nice fresh substitute for candy. It’s sweet enough and it’s good for you. Chocolate covered strawberries and bananas can also substitute candy and soothe that sweet tooth.

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