Eating Healthy When You Are Busy

Being busy might be a legitimate excuse for not cooking healthy or exercising, but it’s possible when you plan and plan and plan. While both very important for good health and fit figure, eating healthy should be your first choice if you have to pick one.


Bring a salad

Lunch Swap

No matter  how busy you are, you have a lunch hour to grab something on the go. And usually that something isn’t very healthy. Well, instead of grabbing a burger, energy bar or a slice or two of pizza choose salad with a whole-wheat sandwich in a cafe/bistro or go for a soup and stake. Make sure you have plenty of fiber to fill you up, some protein and healthy fats to make it last, and just a bit of carbs to make you happy. Don’t go for all-carb fat bombs that are fast lunches and try to choose greener, vegetable-packed meals.

Snack Wisely

Don’t keep a ton of snacks at your office as you’ll be tempted to snack constantly, and swap chips (even vegetable ones), candy bars and crackers with bananas, almonds, peanut butter packets, and coconut water as an alternative to soda. Other great low-calorie snacks are baby carrots, celery sticks, apples, and air-popped popcorn without butter.


While tempting, poor nutritional choice

Order Good Food

If you have trouble eating well at home you might want to give a healthy food delivery a try. They might offer cooked food, but it’d be better if they assembled and organized fresh produce by days and meals and provided you with recipes, so you could cook it fresh. This might teach you on how to shop for produce more effectively and how to cook it so you could do it on your own.

Food Prep

Allocate two hours each week to prep food for the coming week and never grab anything unhealthy again. Bring your Maison jar salad goodness to work and no one will complain about the smell. You also won’t have to heat it up before eating.


Yogurt and sugar-free trail mix, easy breakfast that takes seconds to prepare


There are many tricks that can help you eat healthier even when you are legitimately drowning in work. Simply choosing a healthier option in a cafeteria and snacking less on quality food will shave hundreds of extra calories from your diet. Working at the office requires very little energy, so be mindful of how much you really need and how much you consume. That way keeping in shape will be easier even without working out.

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