Foods That Will Curb Your Unhealthy Food Cravings

Often times cravings just nag at you and wait till you get hungry and give in. But that might lead to overeating and stress from that to even more of that (which I call ‘why stop now’ mentality). Here’s where these great craving-curbing foods come in handy. Be sure to always have them in your kitchen to fight off unhealthy food desires.

foods that curb cravings

Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate has a lot to offer in terms of health benefits but it’s not very easy to overeat (be sure to buy 80% cocoa bars, no cheating). It is also not very calorie-dense when you’re eating just a couple of squares so you can really have fun with it making healthy desserts like peanut butter apple slices with grazed chocolate or chocolate-dipped bananas.

Fatty Fish

Want to eat something sweet or fatty? How about a fatty fish? You can cook it in a sweet and sour sauce and enjoy all the benefits of its nutrient-dense, craving-curbing flesh. It’s also a great steak-alternative for those who likes juicy meat but can’t digest it well.

Any Sweet Fruit

Forget the no sweet fruit diet rule, it’s stupid. You can’t eat sugar, you can’t eat sweet fruit, that’s a binge waiting to happen. Grab a banana, grapes, red apple, anything whenever you’re craving a Mars bar. You’ll see the results quicker than if you cut it all out altogether and keep binging every week or even more often and your psyche will thank you. Leave the no fruit rule to those who compete in fitness.


Berries are full of antioxidants you want in your body with this ecology. Pack a ziploc bag of these babies and snack on them in the office or wherever you feel like treating yourself to something sweet. Cherries, strawberries, blueberries, and all kinds of other berries will not only do your body a world of good but will also help cut down your daily calorie intake.


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