How To And Why Get Rid Of Regular Cheat Meals

Regular cheat meals aren’t as good of a diet hack as many make them out to be. First of all, they can be really calorie-rich and easily negate the majority of your week’s calorie deficit. Second, they worsen cravings and that’s a fact. If you’re feeling that it’s hard to stop after one cheat meal, you’re doing this whole diet thing wrong.

Get Rid Of Regular Cheat Meals

Salmon meal Salmon is a great ‘diet’ food for curbing sweet and fat cravings

Eat Well

Eating well doesn’t mean eating indiscriminately or a lot. Eating well means eating a balanced diet mix of fruit, veg, dairy (if you’re tolerant), slow carbs, meats (if not vegan) and healthy fats like olive oil, coconut milk, or nuts. If you start cutting out entire food groups just because you will feel deprived and start craving the worst foods. And what’s worse, simple old potatoes will seem to you like a cheat food.

Set Reasonable Deficit

If you’re eating too little and exercise too much all you’ll get is lowered immunity, lack of energy, and a beastly appetite and again you’ll want to down a double cheeseburger over a plate of chicken and veggie salad. So setting a reasonable calorie deficit on which you don’t feel too exhausted or too hungry is a good way to lose weight without cheat meals turning into cheat weeks.

Treat Yourself

If you won’t want to spoil your progress but also want to tickle your taste buds the best way to approach food is to make a treat yourself or if you’re ordering a takeout make it a part of your day’s calorie intake. No excess, no guilt, no grueling punishing workouts the next day.

Kill Diet Mentality

Most restrictive diets aren’t sustainable (I’m looking at you paleo). What you need to do to always come out on top and be free from food ‘addiction’ is to simply eat more fresh produce and less of the fried and sweet stuff. Remember, you’re not on a diet. You’re just making healthier choices that also happen to lead to leanness. Ditch the idea of having a time frame when you’re eating healthy. You should be eating healthy 80%-90% of the time to look and feel a certain way. Otherwise, you’ll just go back to your old ways and shape.

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