How To Enjoy Your Veggies


Eating your veggies is not always desirable even when possible. Many prefer pasta, rice, or, any other side dish that isn’t a vegetable. But here’s a thing. When people say veggies are good for you they are right. They aren’t only good for you in terms of nutrients and vitamins but vegetables provide us with fiber that makes us feel full longer because it takes our bodies longer to break it down and they are low in calories, which is what we need during weight loss. If you don’t like eating fresh vegetables there are quite a few ways to incorporate them into your diet and still get benefits from them.

Hate salad? Make patties or pancakes out of vegetables like carrot, zuccini, cabbage, and pumpkin. I do these often and I always experiment with the ingredients depending on what I have in the kitchen. Zuccini patties can be pretty bland on their own but add a bit of minced meat or chopped chicken fillet to batter and you get a filling fiber-rich dish. Carrot plus semolina make a great dessert as both these ingredients are pretty sweet. Add an apple or a teaspoon of honey for a even a more pronounced sweet taste.

Bake them. Baking a crustless quiche or naan pizza is a great way to add vegetables to your diet without sacrificing taste. Don’t just eat omelette add spinach, tomato, and pepper to it and it will not only provide you with protein but fiber and vitamins as well.

Make desserts. Avocado ice-cream anyone? Mixing a frozen banana with avocado might be surprising but, hey, you get a dessert that is good for you. It’s filling and sweet and is full of healthy fats and fiber. You can also bake zuccinis into your brownies without ever noticing they are there or make a black bean chocolate cake without a trace of flour.

Puree or make a smoothie. Mashed potatoes is a great side dish but can add more calories than we’d like to a dinner dish. Go ahead and make a cauliflower puree instead. It tastes just like mashed potatoes but contains much less calories. Smoothie away your veggie intolerance with some delicious combinations like avocado and chocolate, kale and apple, or spinach and banana.

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