How to Keep Losing Weight During Holidays

Okay, here’s a problem for all you weight losers out there. Holiday season officially started with Halloween, from here on it’s Thanksgivings and Christmases followed by overexcited New Year parties right? Holiday season, right? Well, no. It’s almost three weeks till Thanksgiving and from then on it’s three weeks till Christmas week and New Year’s Eve,which means you can still perform in a weight loss mode especially if you have a lot to go.

Lose Weight During Holiday Season

Holidays aren’t an excuse to get too relaxed with your diet because between Halloween and New Years it’s four or five days worth of holidays. The rest is just a ‘season’. You don’t have to eat holiday food in between. You can also work out this whole time and increase your overall physical activity just by walking instead of driving and reap the benefits. But if you have to both attend parties (eat and drink) and lose weight you may find it challenging, but not impossible.

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If you are going to a holiday party or dinner and plan not to count your calorie intake a little fasting can help you not gain fat while still enjoying the food. Provided that you will get back to your regimen right after you will be able to keep losing weight probably just not as quickly as before. Fasting before the big dinner might make you hungry and overeat. But fasting after that can be much easier as you have plenty of energy from the previous night to run on.

Calorie Cycling

If you plan to calculate those calories you can simply eat more one night and eat less the next day and still remain in a calorie deficit simply allowing yourself to eat more on one of the days.


If you can’t seem to live without something sweet or fried every day make sure that no more than 20 per cent of your calories come from the ‘bad’ foods. Keep the rest of your diet clean and balanced but don’t forget about the calories as well.

Also try to move more especially during holiday season. Go playing sports with friends or take walks and catch up with family or your good neighbors. This will ensure that you are spending more calories than you are consuming provided you are staying in a calorie deficit.

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