How To Prevent Binge Eating

Binging is inevitable for many especially when they are trying to stay on the right path of eating clean and working out regularly. But should it be? I mean do you really feel like it’s  just how it is and there is nothing that could be done about it? I feel physically horrible after a binge because after months and months of clean healthy eating (smaller portions and all) my body refuses to grind big chunks of unhealthy deliciousness. So here are some ways to prevent a binge.

Prevent Binge Eating

Binge eating

80/20 Rule

Denying yourself foods that aren’t particularly good for you all the time isn’t too practical. It’s simply hardly maintainable. So the fitness experts advice to exercise an 80/20 rule when 80% of your diet is clean and healthy and 20% is whatever your heart desires. Yes, even a cake. Don’t lie to yourself though. You can’t have 50/50 rule and still get results. Just allow yourself a few cheat meals a week and don’t overdo with them in a calorie department.

Cheat Meals vs. Cheat Days

What helped me to prevent my cheat days turning into cheat weeks (and binge eating as a result) was eating cheat meals instead. So if I’m going out to eat I’ll have what I want instead of sweating over the ingredients and unhealthy meals. This way I get the satisfaction and have my cheat meal restrained. Other times I’ll cook the dish I love instead of something lighter or healthier and enjoy that. Remember, though if you only have one portion made just for you, it’s easier to stay on track.

Enjoy Every Bite

Speaking of cheat meals and eating in general. When you’re eating in front of a TV or monitor you can really overeat and not notice until later when your body signals your brain that it’s full (or maybe too full). In order to prevent this sit at the table and eat slowly, chewing your food well, and enjoying every morsel. This way you won’t consume more than you need to because while you’re eating the time it takes the signal to travel from your stomach to your brain will pass.

Eat Every 2-3 Hours

Overeating is not just bad for your appearance and fitness goals but also health. So in order to stay on track make sure to eat small portions of food every two to three hours. Don’t go too long without eating as it can make you very hungry and an easy access to food can quickly lead to a binge. Even if you can’t have a proper meal a healthy snack like a banana with a few nuts can help you curb hunger and give you a quick boost of energy. Besides eating 4 to 6 small portions a day will reset and boost your metabolism.

Use Water As Snack

If you still feel the urge to snack try sipping water instead. It doesn’t mean to replace your food and snacks with water altogether but if you feel hunger between frequent meals water is your best bet to keeping a binge or constant snacking at bay.

Stress can also make you crave unhealthy foods in big amounts so be sure to have ways to de-stress that don’t involve food and use these healthy feel good foods as occasional pick-me-ups.

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