How To Shop For Produce And Make Sure You Eat It

One day you decide that enough is enough and now that you’re eating healthy, you should go to the store and buy some fresh veg for a change. You go and buy it and then it just sits on the bottom of your fridge because…well, who wants to eat plain vegetables and what do people do with them anyways? Well, there are a few good tricks you could use to make sure you eat your produce and it doesn’t get lost and rot in your fridge.

Produce How To Buy and Eat It

Fresh squash

Shopping for veg must be planned and deliberate. First you have to plan the meals you are having this week (which saves time and ensures you’re eating healthier). Then you figure out the ingredients and add them to your grocery list. Easy. This takes care of buying not too much and not too little while also making sure you are using them for something.

Now for the practical part. If you don’t know how to cook veggies or don’t cook very often in general you could try different vegetables raw and fresh and figure out what they are going with best. For instance, you could add avocado slices to your toast, salad, or eat them as a snack. If you are afraid that you won’t have the time to cook often, do a food prep (cook in bulks for 3-4 days and pack your meals in air-tight containers).

Frozen veggies can last long in the freezer but they aren’t as good to the taste as the fresh stuff. Although if it’s more convenient, absolutely take advantage of that.

Canned veg is just too much trouble in terms of additives like sugar and preservatives, so eat them if you absolutely have to or want to but rely on fresh produce to make the bulk of your diet.

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