How To Start Eating Clean

You might have read countless articles on eating clean and healthy and already know what products to cut out and what to invest in. Well, clean eating is not that simple. When you have an unhealthy relationship with food anyway. These few steps can help you to ease in into eating healthy or stay on track.

Clean Eating For Beginners

Meat with fresh veggies

Don’t Eliminate Foods

Sure eliminating sugar and pastry out of your diet will help you lose fat but there are a few nuances. Denying yourself from ocassional treats and only eating foods that are “good for you” can lead to binge eating, which anyone should avoid. Allowing yourself a few small treats a week will keep your mental state at balance and help you curb cravings. Besides you can make healthy substitutions if you don’t want sugar-loaded treats.

Another thing is that when you see a new study saying that certain foods or elements found in them are bad for someone it doesn’t leave too much on your plate. Before eliminating any food or group of foods make sure to consult with your healthcare provider and learn about your allergies and conditions. Then make an informed decision. Don’t cut out carbs just because a new fad diet says you should. Ignore fad diets.

Try New Recipes

Eating raw veggies and yogurt every day can get pretty dull and quickly. Trying new recipes and food combinations, on the other hand, can really make your diet more diverse and also taste better. Discovering new healthier options can be as exiciting as discovering a new restaurant, also cheaper. Shortly speaking, be creative with your food and you may find that healthy diet doesn’t have to be bland and boring.

Don’t Trust Your Senses

Your may think you eat healthy and are in a calorie deficit (surplus, depending on your goals) but you may be mistaken so take the time to actually count the calories in foods you normally eat and also make sure you get enough protein, carbs, fat, and fiber.

Reconsider Your Relationship With Food

This one’s most important but can be pretty challenging as well because you have been developing that relationship your entire life. For some food is a friend, a foe, and life itself while for others it’s a necessity that can be pleasant. See the difference? Food should not be an answer to everything or an accessory to everything. It doesn’t mean you shouldn’t enjoy it. On the contrary, learning to enjoy your food can actually help you build a healthier attitude towards it. While exercising portion control and making healthier food choices try to enjoy any food and learn to appreciate it.

Don’t be afraid of food either. Food gives you energy, nutrients, and pleasure so fear only creates more issues and complicates your relationship with food. Eat in moderation, practice 80/20 rule, enjoy your treats, and work out.

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