Why Bulk And How To Do It Right

When trying to lose extra pounds we often tend to focus majorly on hours of cardio and restrictive diets. But once you shed all that fat you might notice the lack of relief and muscle to give you the body shape and strength you might desire. That’s when bulking might become a solution to the problem.

Tips on Bulking Right

Bulking is pretty much what it sounds like. You train and eat to achieve a goal of building muscle and reshaping your frame. For instance, if you want bigger stronger legs or rounder fuller butt you’ll need to gain some muscle in that area through training and eating. Both of these things are crucial for the process of bulking.

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Calories & Macros

In order to build muscle you’ll need to consume more calories than you expend. You’ll also need to up your protein intake as it’s a building material for the muscles. In order to maximize muscle gain but minimize the amount of fat gained during builking make sure to get your calories from clean foods rather than high calorie junk food and sweets.

Fat vs. Muscle

If you have a relatively low body fat percetange you won’t be able to shed fat while building muscle. Prioritize your goal and go with it. You can start cutting once you’ve achieved the desired amount of mass but would like to look leaner.

Weights & Cardio

Obviously to gain mass you need to train heavy enough to exhaust muscles but you can also do cardio on different days to stay on the lean side. In other words, one doesn’t exclude the other.

Finally, to be successful in building mass┬ákeep your goals and priorities in check as it’s very important if you want to see the results.

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