3 Benefits Of Training For Strength

So you’ve been lifting and building muscle and generally progressing. What now? Well, actually there are lots of ways to maintain your results, they all include physical activity of course but you could also get more serious and start training for strength. Why? Well, aside from getting stronger without putting any significant additional muscle.

 Training For Strength

Woman holding a dumbbell

Toned Look

If you want a more chiselled sharp look to the muscles you’ve already built, training real heavy will get you there. By increasing the number of fibers in muscles their growth volume is insignificant but their strength increases exponentially. Muscles partially contracted look more defined and chiselled.

Mucle Mind Link

When performing exercises in a lower rep range it is easier to establish and maintain the muscle-mind link (feeling the target muscles at work) since you have to work slowly but for shorter sets.

Progressive Overload

Thanks to myofibrillar hypertrophy (increase in fiber size) that low rep range allows for, you can continue progressing in terms of strength without also wearing out your stabilizers too much. As opposed to sarcoplasmic hypertrophy (increase of fluid around muscle) will ensure you keep your hard earned muscles even during downtime of your training.

Training for strength requires perfect form. In spite of short sets and low reps you will be lifting even heavier than you usually do so there is no room for slacking, not that there ever is. Be sure to also avoid excessive muscle fatigue and effort at the end of your sets if you are after strength rather than muscle gain.

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