3 Effective Workout Techniques For Muscle Gain

There are many workouts out there that are made to be effective for different purposes. CrossFit increases your overall fitness performance while circuit and HIIT training aim at effective fat loss. If you are out to build muscle though – which should be a vital part of your workout routine – there are quite a few other techniques you can use to increase size and strength.

Effective Muscle-Building Techniques

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Remember that in order to build muscle you need to either have a substantial amount of fat or be in a caloric surplus. Muscles need fuel to recover and grow.


Supersets are effective in terms of both muscle growth and time. You finish your workout faster while exhausting one muscle performing two exercises back to back or training two opposing muscles in one set. This is great for any body part be it glutes or biceps.


Complexes are a group of three or four exercises that basically work like supersets only you combine power moves with strength exercises. You can also add an isolation move before you finish the complex off with a bodyweight exxercise that will maximize your muscle fatigue, which will lead to growth.

Drop Down Sets

Drop down sets have their special place in bodybuilding. These help you exhaust a muscle or group of muscles through performing an exercise with different weights hitting failure at each set. Start with heavier weight and when you reach failure continue to do the exercise dropping weight by 15-20%. Do this for around three sets of maximum reps to failure dropping weight each time and taking no rest between the sets.

Diet is as important for muscle growth as training so be sure that your protein intake is adequate to your needs and prepare healthy post-workout snacks to fuel your muscles and help them grow.

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