3 Every Day Objects That Will Help You Work Out At Home

I’ve already written about these 3 heavy things you can use as weights but, oh, there’s more. There are so many every day objects that you can use to make your workouts more fun and effective. Sometimes all you need is some imagination and some sturdy furniture.

Woman working out with her skateboard


Everyone’s got one. You can do a lot of exercises with a chair from step ups to some barre and ballet moves. You can use it to learn how to do push ups. A chair is a great support structure for single-legged moves as well. Just pick an old solid wood chair that will hold your weight and start moving that butt.


If you’re living in the city there are plenty of staircases to run. Stairs are great when you don’t have a natural landscape close by to make your runs more challenging. A stair run will help torch calories and build those leg and bum muscles.


Weirdly enough a skateboard is a great exercise gear. You can use it to do mobile lunges, ab roll outs and wall squats. There are many ways to utilize a skateboard in a workout and you can use your bodyweight in motion to make it more challenging.

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