3 Kettlebell Moves To Add To Your Next Workout

Kettlebells are all the rage now and for good reason. These single handle weights that originated in Russia have become popular due to their effeciency and functionality. Kettlebells are great for performing full body workouts thanks to a range of motion and also for combining anaerobic and aerobic workouts into one explosive efficient program.

Using kettlebells in HIIT workouts will not only crank up the intensity, but will also help you build lean muscle mass and torch fat. Next time you’re at the gym try adding a few of these moves to your routine. If you haven’t ever worked with a kettlebell before we strongly advice you to learn all the moves carefully and perform them under professional supervision.

Kettlebell Moves To Add To Your Next Workout

Karlie Kloss with a kettlebell

Kettlebell Swing

What it does: Kettlebell swing is a great move that works your core, posterior chain muscles, and shoulders. It also activates and works your glutes. When performing the move use the momentum to swing the kettlebell instead of trying to lift it solely with your hands. You can also do a single arm swing with a lighter kettlebell while alternating hands.

Kettlebell Half Get-Up

What it does: Since a Turkish get up can be too complex and challenging for someone who is just beginning to get familiar with kettlebells you can try a half get up that works core and arms as well as back.

Kettlebell Clean<

What it does: Kettlebell clean is a more advanced move. When you perform it correctly it works your legs, glutes, and back.

You can also perform other familiar moves like deadlifts, squats, and lunges using kettlebells instead of the usual equipment like barbell or dumbbells. Add a kettlebell to a plank and you are in for a full body move that will torch major calories. Since the kettlebell is a bit more challenging to control due to its shape it is found to burn more calories. According to the American Council on Exercise (ACE), a study showed that an average person can burn up to 400 calories during a 20-minute workout. No wonder kettlebells are so hot right now when efficiency both time and result-wise is so valued.

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