3 Main Moves To Prevent Runner’s Injuries

Runner’s knee, ankle strain, and all the different tendon pains and aches are often seen as par for the course but many of these things could easily be prevented and fixed by just three of these basic moves you need to incorporate into your regimen.

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If you’re just starting running and training it’s important to do some strengthening exercises first in order to fix some imbalances and strengthen your body on the whole. Starting with the most basic move there is will help you make your stabilizers, ligaments and connective tissue stronger. And the stronger these guys the less you’ll be likely to injure yourself while running. 


Strong glutes are the key to healthy lower back and safe movement overall. You want to start weightless and feel the squeeze as you are pushing through the heel of your forward leg. Do static lunges or rear lunges to protect your knees especially if you have some problems.


With each and every move, no matter how simple and basic, you want to strengthen your legs especially in the glutes and hips. Stable strong hips will prevent knee and ankle pains and strong glutes will give you explosiveness and safety of movement. Be sure to keep your lower back straight and the weight close to your legs. Lift it up along them to make it easier on your arms and back.

Other great moves that can help you correct some imbalances in your body are lateral leg raises (best performed with resistance bands), clam shells, and planks to strengthen your core, which also protects you from wonky injury-prone movement.

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