3 Things That Widen Your Waist

Tiny waist isn’t just coveted by women. It is also greatly valued in bodybuilding and male fitness as a sign of great physique. Just by changing a few things in your regimen and training can really help you define that waist or prevent it from thickening.

Things That Ruin Your Waist


Bad Diet

Obviously the diet is number one thing that can ruin or trim your waist. Eat right, melt the fat, and voila, the waist gets more defined (but it’s also limited by genetics). You can go for clean or flexible eating to achieve the fat loss but there are almost nothing more you can do to ‘train’ that waist to become slimmer.

Side Bends

If you think a hoolahoop or, even worse, the weighted side bends can slim down your waist you are just doing the opposite. The muscles you train especially with weights get stronger and bigger widening your waist visually as a result. Stop doing those as well as training obliques using weights if you want the curvy feminine look or if your waist is wide as it is and you want to improve your V taper.

Too Much Cardio

It’s not even that cardio per se make your waist thicker. It’s just it rarely can improve on what you have except helping you burn a few extra calories. When you’re pounding out on a treadmill or pedalling for hours on end you do burn calories and fat. But if you also weight train (especially on the same day) you’re doing more harm than good to your overall appearance. Too much cardio can really slow down your recovery and tap into your muscles as energy reserves when you’re doing it often and long. The result? Your physique does not change or worse, you lose muscles and go back to square one and if your waist is thick by nature it stays exactly the same.

In order to define your waist (especially if it’s too thick by nature) you have to work on your proportions. Working your back (lats) and shoulders can accentuate your slim waist even more especially if your upper body is narrower than your lower body. And working on building the legs and butt can too make your waist appear smaller especially if your lower body is lagging. If you just have thicker waist and proportional upper and lower body try to increase the both in order to achieve a bigger contrast in hip to waist ratio.

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