3 Ways To Update Your Workout With Resistance Bands

There are many exercises you can do with a resistance band. You can train the entire body with it. But it can also be a great addition to your arsenal at the gym. Here are a few ways you can use it to improve your workout and get the most out of it.

Update Your Workout With Resistance Bands

Man doing a push up with a resistance band

Side Steps

If you feel like doing some lateral work, side steps are the best to activate those glutes. It is also a great warm up exercise that targets and strengthens your gluteus medius.

Hip Thrusts

Making hip thrusts more challenging and convenient at the same time becomes quite easy when a resistance band comes into play. Regardless of whether you’re just starting lifting weights or trying to increase your hip thrust weight without increasing the number of plates on the barbell, a resistance band is there to help.

Push Ups

Making push ups more challenging can really build up that upper body strength, so if you’re already doing solid 10-15 strict push ups in a row without losing proper form, it’s time to put some more resistance into it by placing the band around your shoulders and under your palms.

There are a lot more ways to use a resistance band to improve your routine. You can use it virtually in any given exercise, especially where you want to increase weight without using too many plates. This is also a great way to feel the resistance all the way and prevent you from cheating and thus keeping the good form and increasing the muscle density.

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