4 Reasons To Do Squats

Squats aren’t only great for booty-building. This basic move has more benefits than you might think and can give you much more than just a rounder behind. So next time you’ll want to skip on the squats think again and find a squat variation that will help you ease into doing more of squats.

Squats Benefits

Woman performs a bodyweight squat

Increase Flexibility

Squats don’t just work your glutes, quads, and hamstrings, but they also increase joint flexibility. You might have heard that squats ruin your knees, but it is probably not the squats that ruin knees but a bad technique (as with any exercise really). The proper form should be maintained at all times regardless of squat variation or amount of weight you’re using.

Prevent Injuries

Thanks to squats your lower body strength increases, which helps you perform other activities like jumping more safely. Runners, tennis players, and other athletes can significantly benefit from squats that will strengthen their joints and muscles all over.

Give You Full Body Workout

You may think you are only working your legs and butt during a squat but you are also loading up your shoulders and back as well as the arms. So if you really want to build muscle everywhere in your body squats are the way to go. Also squats help promote testosterone and growth hormone release, chemicals that are responsible for building  muscle.

Aid Elimination

Go an irritable bowel syndrome or simply trouble with elimination? Natural squatting position (when your heels are resting on the surface) may help make elimination easier and more complete. Squats also make daily activities like picking up things much easier (and safer) to perform.

Squats are best for men and women alike. It doesn’t matter what kind of squat you prefer as long as you maintain proper form and don’t sacrifice it for heavier weights. If you think you need weight or any equipment to perform squats think again. There are quite a few variations that are quite challenging but don’t require anything and can be done anywhere.

Bodyweight Squat

Bodyweight squat is the best beginner squat variation that allows to learn proper form before adding any weight. Stand with your feet farther than shoulder width, bend your knees keeping them in line with your toes and not letting them go past them. Keep your arms stretched up in front of you and make sure to keep your back straight. This is very important if you don’t want a back injury especially if you are already squatting with weight. Lower done slowly then squeeze your glutes and drive up through the heels to relieve any pressure from the knees.

Jump Squat

Add a bit of explosiveness to your squat by jumping as you go up. This plyometric move is great for increasing your vertical jump and working your calves. Pair it with a weighted squat for a super fat-torching set.

Plie Squat

This one is great for toning those inner thighs. Pick up a dumbbell or a kettlebell of comfortable weight start in a wide stance and squat keeping your knees in line with your toes without letting them face inward. Keep your back straight and don’t bend forward or backwards.

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