4 Ways To Maximize Calorie Burn During Workout

People tend to overestimate their effort in the gym thinking they have burnt around 1000 calories during that hour long steady-pace cardio session, which calls for generous rewards in a food department. And those cardio machines that display impressive numbers don’t help either. So in order to get closer to your estimate on calorie burn there are tricks you can use to maximize your calorie expenditure during a workout and even enjoy the afterburn. Just, don’t reward yourself with food eliminating your effort at the gym.

Maximize Calorie Burn During Workout

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Up The Intensity

The more intense your workout the more calories you burn. Next time instead of a long steady pace cardio go for a high intensity interval cardio or try HIIT. Adding plyometric moves to your workout or finishing with some explosive cardio will help you boost the afterburn as well as burn more calories during the workout.

Up The Resistance

If running or cycling fast seems too easy for you try cranking up the resistance/incline. You will not only make it more challenging, but you will also work those muscles. Sprinting up the hill takes more effort than sprinting on an even smooth ground.

Mix Things Up

Don’t go only for weights or cardio. Mix things up. Keep it interesting and maximize calorie burn by adding either inverval cardio or heavy lifting to your workout. Don’t rely on just one kind of training to get you to your goal. Lifting heavy will help you build muscles that will rev up your metabolism while cardio will help you burn calories here and now.

Go Longer

If your workout doesn’t exceed one hour you can maximize calorie burn by adding a few extra minutes or exercises to your routine. Make sure they count and that they take all your effort. Even additional five minutes of high intensity exercise can burn extra 50 calories.

What you do after your workout is also important though. Eating clean and recovering with a good night sleep is vital if you want to maximize your results. It doesn’t mean you can sit all day long when you’re not in the gym though. If you have a desk job it’s especially important that you move around as much as possible during the day taking breaks from sitting. Go for an after lunch walk, jump rope for ten minutes for every hour of sitting, or simply stretch it out. Thus you will not only reduce effects of sitting but will also burn a little more calories during your rest days.

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