5 Exercises That Will Transform Your Body Without Gym

Most people find exuses and reasons why they cannot go to the gym. But some have particular circumstances that make it almost impossible to do it. If you want to get in shape no matter what and if you don’t want to wait till you have an opportunity to go to the gym here are five exercises that are bound to transform your body and get you in shape that you’ll be able to perfect when get to the gym.

Let’s start with a preamble though. If you have a lot of excess weight to add walking to this workout plan to maximize your results and save your joints (postpone high impact activities like running and rope jumping till you are at normal weight). Regardless of your weight your diet should be tailored to your goals. If you want to lose fat, there should be a moderate calorie deficit (count them at least till you know how much food you need) and if your goal is to grow some muscle there should be a slight calorie proficit.

5 Moves To Master Outside Gym

Plank muscles at work

Plank muscles at work

Push Ups

Many women can’t do push ups and pull ups so these are the perfect challenging moves for you to master. Your body will have to adapt as you learn to work with your weight to push or pull yourself from one position to another. Start with knee push ups and slowly work your way to strict push ups. Gradually increase the number of reps and sets and you will see how strong you are getting by the day. These are great for working shoulders, arms, and back as well as your abs.

Pull Ups

Same with pull ups. You can start with assisted pull ups and gradually increase the number of reps you can do in one set and the number of sets as well.

Woman doing Bulgarian Split Squats

Bulgarian split squat with a chair

Bodyweight Squats

Squats are challenging in general, so when you are a beginner it’s best to learn to do bodyweight squats anyway. Make sure to master the technique so it would be easier for you when you squat with weights. Watch the butt, it shouldn’t curl (butt wink) as you go down.

Bulgarian Split Squats

Bulgarian squats are difficult but they will definitely lift your butt and make your legs stronger. When you’re advanced enough you can take up some watter bottles or dumbbells for additional challenge if you want to.


Finally, crunches are good for a few months but then they start taking toll on your spine so it’s best to stick to static work with planks. Side planks will tone your obliques and straight planks will work your entire core. To make it more challenging elevate your legs with an exercise ball or a chair to feel the burnin your lower abs better.

These moves will require some time to learn but if you have more than enough of it and want to progress and make them more challenging you can always either add some weights, reps, or try new variations of same exercises.

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