5 Workout Mistakes That Ruin Your Results

Moving is generally a good idea and it does affect your body in a positive way but if you want specific results you need to workout with your individual goals in mind. Otherwise you may spend hours in the gym and even the right diet a ton of supplements won’t yield the results you’re striving for.

Workout Mistakes To Avoid

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Stretching Before Workout

Numerous studies showed that stretching before workout can lead to injury and does not bring any benefit. Leave the stretching for post-workout recovery, immediate or pain-relieving.

Working out Aimlessly

Before going for it try to identify your goals. Better yet prioritize them and choose to work on one at a time. Working out aimlessly will just keep you in some sort of shape and will have some impact on your body. If you want tone, endurance, or strength you need certain number of sets and reps and different rest periods. So be sure you know what you’re doing and why.

Training One Muscle

Working just one muscle may not only not bring you gains but can also backfire. For instance, if you want abs you will just hurt your back and not get a six pack doing only crunches. Also underdeveloped muscles can put a strain on the other parts of your body and even lead to injury so be sure to train back and legs as well calves and forearms for a well-balanced look and a healthy body.

Skipping Warm-up

Skipping warm-ups can really backfire. Warm up doesn’t only increase blood flow to muscles, it also delivers oxygen and nutrients to them, preparing them for further activity. Skipping a warmp up can lead to a sudden increase of blood pressure, poor coordination, and finally injury.

Going Too Long

There is such a thing as too much exercise. Don’t try to achieve everything in one day. It’s simply not possible. Besides going for too long may exhaust and demotivate you to workout and break down your muscle tissue, which you do not want.

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