Benefits of Muscle Ups And Bar Training

You’ve probably heard a lot about the benefits of pull ups and bodyweight training, I know I’ve written a few posts on it but what about more hip and advanced moves like muscle ups? Do they offer any additional benefits to those you can get out of a pull up or do they just look cool?

Well, muscle ups surely do look cool especially strict, good form muscle ups that are rare and very difficult to do.

Benefits of Bar Training


But when it comes to the benefits, muscle ups simply engage more of your upper body muscles than pull ups. The transition that’s required to pull your body above the bar or rings is more demanding and engages your chest and triceps along with your lats, rhomboids, and other back muscles.

It is a great exercise that works your entire upper body building strength and power.


Strict muscle up requires great strength and effort but using momentum at the beginning can help you perform the move before you can completely master it.

Now, the question is whether you should. You don’t have to if you prefer benching and rowing (or whatever you’re doing for chest and back) instead, but it is a great exercise to challenge yourself, if you can already do a dozen or more good form pull ups and just generally enjoy an outdoor workout.

Of course, you can always go for adding weights or trying other pull up variations, but a muscle up is a fun and exciting challenge.

Other general benefits of bar training include stamina, great body control, and crazy core strength. It’s cheap or even free and can add not only variety to your weight lifting regimen but also make your body more functional.

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