Best Type of Cardio

There are many types of cardio out there, you probably know them all. But anyone who wants to shed weight fast, like right now, always wants to know the best type. You know, the one that isn’t so boring but mostly most effective. Well, there are so far only two types of cardio that you can do for any variation of cardio activity. Or not.

Best Cardio Ever

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First, of all let’s just get this out of the way, you may not do cardio to lose fat. There you go. As long as you are in a calorie deficit you can only accelerate fat loss by just…moving. It can be a spinning clas, a weight lifting session, a Zumba hour, or a gruelling CrossFit class, whatever makes you happy, energized, or at least doesn’t make you want to quit on site. Cardio isn’t mandatory even for cardiovascular health. Free weights can keep your heart and your bones happy. Just remember to breathe, correctly.

Now, if you simply enjoy any cardio activity, do that. Don’t go overboard as you will prolong your recovery, but if you genuinely like it, then there is no reason for you to stop doing it. As long as it doesn’t hinder your progress, you’re fine.

If you need to lose weight and you needed it even the day before yesterday, then an HIIT can be an effective method. It’s not that boring as a steady-state type and it boosts your metabolism as a bonus. If, however, you have a high intensity workout as it is, steady-state cardio will be more preferable. The key is not to go for too long if you want to preserve muscle.

What cardio essential does is burn calories while you’re doing it, increases endurance, and develops respiratory system. What it doesn’t do? It doesn’t build muscles quite like weight lifting. So, do you absolutely have to do it? No, but you can and must do it if you enjoy it and see the benefits like decreased stress, mood boost, and lean figure.

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