Face Fitness: 3 Great Moves For Keeping Your Face And Neck Tight

Sometimes we get so wrapped in building our bodies we forget that our faces are changing each time we gain and lose weight as well. Now, I’m not sure exactly how effective these really are, but, hey, it couldn’t hurt to try, right?

3 Great Moves For Face And Neck Muscles

Face and neck muscles

One of the most problematic areas when it comes to aging is neck. If you want to strengthen the neck muscles though it is much easier to do than, say, face muscles. Just throw your head back and either pull your neck muscles with the help of your lower lip (by pulling it over your upper lip) or your hand on your chest (by pulling your neck muscles down).

Neck muscle exercise

Another great move will look like a strained smile and is meant to lift your cheeks. Using the corners of your mouth lift your cheeks up towards your eyes and hold the position for a few seconds (you can also shut your eyes to increase tension), then relax.

Neck exercise

Platysma exercise engages a muscle that stretches from the jaw to the shoulders. Stretching your lips in an inverted smile strains the platysma and is meant to rid you if a doubles chin.

You can make all kinds of faces and feel the numerous muscles working inside your face and neck, so you can really come up with your own exercises as well as fool around and have a bit of fun. Choose the moves during which you’re feeling your target muscles working best and repeat them every other day to keep your looks fresh and youthful.

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