Gym vs. Home Training

You wanted to go the gym, but it’s too much of hassle. Or maybe you wanted to work out at home, but ended up cluttering your house with all the equipment you didn’t use. Well, here is where you got it wrong.

Which Is Better? Gym vs. Home Training

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If you tried to work out at home and it didn’t really happen, it doesn’t mean you are incapable of exercising or even loving to do it. It’s just home is a place of too many distractions, too little space, and lack of all the exciting equipment. When I try exercising at home it feels futile because I’m used to bigger weights than my own body (except when it comes to push ups and pull ups) and all of my motivation dwindles pretty fast. But it doesn’t mean I can’t train my upper body and feel like dying in the process, I just don’t feel like it when I’m at home.

Now if strangers and unfamiliar environments or simple commute to the gym puts you in a deep distress and make you want to go back home, maybe you’re better off home training.

Woman performing leg press

See, equipment doesn’t really matter. The thing that matters is that you can exercise consistently regardless of location. Only consistency will bring you results. Now weight training can indisputably give you a better-looking physique but the gym isn’t the only place you can lift heavy things. It could be your own backyard, and the heavy stuff could be boulders. It’s all about what makes you want to train. If the gym atmosphere doesn’t excite you, or the comfort of your home doesn’t motivate you, then you could choose to do some exciting sports and activities, or run outdoors or train with a bar. Ultimately, finding some you can keep up and do every day if you have to and not get sick of it is the most efficient way to get fit.

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