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Working out at home has never been easier than it is now. You can buy portable equipment that can rival machines and you can have your own weight room in one single adjustable kettlebell. Sure it’s not that convenient to work with and your exercise range might be limited, but it won’t be that limited and will be able to work out any time you have spare 20-30 minutes. Better than water bottles and beats sitting around doing nothing, right?

When I realized I owned such a treasure I decided against joining the gym. Now I can train every day doing all kinds of moves and ache from it in between (I come off a long six month rest period).

If you doubt it’s worth the investment think of all the workouts you are missing. There are many more kettlebell moves than just swing and you can utilize the plates to do even more stuff. Not the most convenient tool but again it’s portable, adjustable, and pretty versatile.

So you bought into it. Now what?

Woman doing a Turkish get up with a kettlebell

Turkish Get Up

Goblet Squat

Sure a goblet squat might be a beginner exercise but it can still make you sweat and if you add in the overhead press to it you’ll get a power move that is perfect for HIIT and circuit training.

Sumo Deadlift

Sumo deadlift is more convenient to perform with a kettlebell. You’ll need to make your form perfect before attempting the heaviest setting on your kettlebell to make sure your but and legs not your lower back work but it’s definitely more comfortable than a barbell.

Plie Squat

Great butt and thigh exercise that is again best done with a kettlebell.

Turkish Get Up

Turkish get up is a functional movement that works your entire body and when performed correctly and carefully can also solve the problems with shoulders’ range of motion and strengthen your grip.

Bent Rows

When it comes to back training, you can do bent rows with your adjustable kettlebell.You can even get creative and try to perform some renegade rows with it.

Jillian Miachaels holding adjustable kettlebell

You can use plates from your adjustable kettlebell to train shoulders, arms, and even chest with various presses and even curls.

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