How To Add More Miles To Your Runs

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Running never was my favorite thing and for some time before I joined the gym it was really physically hard for me to run even a few yards, let alone miles. The reason was of course the low level of general fitness. After two years in the gym and lots of HIIT and circuit training sessions I could easily run a few miles without any special warm up or regular running.

If you’re just starting out it’s not as difficult to progress in your running endurance as you might think, especially not if you’re dedicated and consistent.

First, it’s always a good rule to do some muscle-strengthening exercises to prevent running taking tool on your hips and knees weak from sitting most of the day. Squats and lunges are great for building leg and glute strength alonside tendons and ligaments, which will help protect you from running injuries. Many new runners tend to fall to some kinds of injuries related to weak glutes and hips. so be sure to prepare.

Elevating your general fitness level before hitting the pavement is a great idea as well because then you’ll be able to run more and safer than if you start without any prior work. Warm ups are great for running as well as they allow your body to prepare for the activity.

When you’ve hit the 5k mark you can easily make yourself go on for miles and miles. From then on it will depend more on your mental state rather than the physical one (unless you suffer from injuries or accumulated fatigue). So setting a minor goal like 5k is always a good place to start and has worked for many marathon runners as a starting goal of their training.

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