How To Build A Sexy Chest

Let’s get this first thing out of the way, you cannot enhance your breast size with exercises and you will not reduce it either. Okay, so why do we do them then? Well, if you build chest muscles a bit your chest will simply look better, more toned and defined.

Woman doing push ups

Bench Press

Well, this is a no-brainer, bench press is a great exercise for¬†building pecs (pectoral muscles) for both men and women. It targets the large muscles that cover the cage and can be done with both a barbell and dumbbells. Now if you’re a woman building those big chest muscles will give your chest a boost and a bit of a lift (no big promises), which is a good advantage especially if you have smaller breasts.

Push Ups

Bodyweight exercises are hard, so it may be tempting to skip them but you will benefit from them if you learn how to do them right. Push ups is one of the more challenging ones to master especially for women. They will not help build your chest but also shoulders and arms.

Renegade Rows

There are many good reasons to do renegade rows¬†and working your chest muscles is one of them. It’s not as simple as it may look and sound so you have to try it to feel the burn, which will be primarily in your abs but will also work the muscles just underneath your boobs.

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