How To Get Sexy Shapely Calves

Sexy shapely calves are a sight to be admired but many tend to neglect this body part since calf muscles aren’t that big resulting in a less than admirable view. Sure we use calves when we train our legs but we don’t neglect biceps as much as we do calves. No fair. Training your calves won’t only improve your appearance but will also help prevent injuries like nasty shin splints. Here are some great calf exercises to throw into your next workout.

Get Sexy Shapely Calves

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Step Ups With Jump

Standing calf raises can only get you so far. Try steps ups with a high jump instead. Besides being a great plyo exercise it will also tone your calves as you jump up using your toes and land on the floor engaging your calves. Focus on feeling your calves really work as you perform this move.

Jump Squats

Jump squats aren’t only great for fat-burning, they will also hit your calves harder. Be sure to maintain proper form and jump high but land softly.

Barbell Split Squat

Split squats are great for working your caves. Although they work as secondary calf muscles are engaged a lot in this exercise to help you stabilize your body. Make sure you go low enough and slow enough to work both your glutes and calves.

Two cardio exercises that can also tone up your calves is rope jumping and sprinting. Your bodyweight can be enough to train and strengthen calf muscles (especially if you’re only starting your training), while the explosive cardio element of rope jumping/sprinting will add fat-burning instensity to your workout.

Other tips to getting sexy shapely calves include consistency, weight training, and proper diet. Training your calves regularly will get you the wanted results. Lifting heavy weights will help you increase muscle mass all over the body including your calves and the proper diet will also help you gain mass. You can also sneak in some calf-training in your daily life. Any resistance activity like like walking/running/hiking uphill will get your calves to work.

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