How To Run In Any Weather

Many runners will tell you that to run, you need just get up, put your gear on and go. And, well, they’re right. Running in bad weather is pretty easy when you’re being practical. Now motivation is an entirely different story, but let’s just say, it has to come from within and you have to constantly ask yourself why do this and find an answer that would urge you to do it.

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It’s hard to overestimate the importance of running gear. Your shoes should be weather-proof, feet-friendly, and in good enough condition, always. This is not just a fashion statement. You need your shoes to protect and support your feet and legs while running, especially on asphalt surfaces.

Thermal running wear is another great thing. You put it on, no layers or cold. It keeps you warm and wicks the moisture away. Be sure to protect your face with a running mask and ski googles (no fogging) if it’s particularly cold in in your part of the world. The same goes for summer gear, only it keeps you cool. Running in scorching temperatures is another challenge entirely, but it’s always prudent to have water and a cap to protect yourself from sunstroke and dehydration.


Running in a very bad weather is simply not always safe, so missing a few particularly snow-y, stormy days can prove more useful because you won’t run the risk of injury (on a slippery road) and have enough time to rest and get hungry for your run, regardless the weather.

It may also prove useful to plan a safer route during winter or rainy weather where you won’t risk a fall.


You don’t have to run throughout the winter if you are doing it for recreational fitness. You can always trade outdoor running for gym cardio, at least during the worst weather periods.

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