Most Effective Ways To Lose Fat

When talking about weight loss our prime goal should be focused on losing fat. The rest is water and muscle and the latter we do not want to lose since muscles make us stronger and also burn twice as many calories as fat to sustain themselves. Losing fat can be problematic especially when it’s concentrated on certain body parts since it’s impossible to spot reduce but there are some effective ways that can help you lose fat and retain muscle.

How To Ways To Lose Fat

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Build Muscle

This is a great tactic for beginners who just started training at the gym. Cut down your cardio in half and hit the weights room instead since it’s a great opportunity for you to build muscle while in a caloric deficit. The metabolic boost from strength training will also help you burning calories hours after working out. Otherwise when you shed all the fat via cardio you will have to go in a caloric surplus to build muscle, which will inevitably lead to fat gain. Besides building muscle will help tighten up your skin and keep your body in a certain shape.

Crank Up Intensity

Cranking up the intensity of your workouts could just be the thing you need if you don’t have any health issues and like explosive but not lengthy bouts of exercise. Try HIIT, Tabata, or circuit training that include both strength and cardio elements to help retain muscle while losing fat.

Do Cardio

The good ol’ cardio is a sure way to shed fat. You might want to go easy on it though as you can lose some muscle in a process as well. In order to retain your muscle and burn fat go no longer than thirty minutes and the more intense your cardio is the less time it should take.

As for a diet, low carb seems to be a popular choice even for fitness professionals. But the main focus here is not the carb or fat intake but the amount of protein that you consume. According to some studies higher protein diet leads to muscle gain and helps to lose fat. Obviously the less processed carbs you eat the less fat you gain.

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