No Equipment Inconspicuous Office Workout

Sitting all day at the office or home is a reality for most working men and women. And even if you manage to squeeze a morning run or a before-bed yoga into your schedule sitting for several hours straight may lead to such health issues as back pain, scoliosis and, well, weight gain. Sneaking in a few moves and stretches in between those hours can help you prevent some of these issues. But if you feel uncomfortable working out or doing some special exercises at your desk here are a few ways to do it inconspicuously.

No Equipment Inconspicuous Deskercises

Woman sitting at her office desk

Seated Pistol Squat

While sitting at the office you can really work on your pistol squat by raising your leg up straight while lifting another one from the floor. Hold this position as long as you can, then alternate legs. You can also just squeeze and hold your glutes while you’re sitting without anyone ever noticing.

Chair Knee Ups

You don’t need to lay down on the floor to work those abs. The chair knee ups should do the trick. Sit in your chair with arms at your sides. Pull your knees up toward your chest hold 5 seconds and slowly bring them back. Do 20 or more reps. Feel the burn. If these are not inconspicuous enough for you try stomach vacuums instead. Exhaling all the air suck your stomach in as much as you can and hold for ten seconds or more. Slowly release and repeat for 15 more reps. Don’t try to do this exercise right after a lunch though.

Palms Up

Working your arms inconspicuously can be a real challenge so this exercise is a real saver for those who cannot perform their tricep dips on an office chair. Place your hands on your desk with palms up while holding your back straight. Press your hands against the desk to create resistance feel your triceps tense and burn. Hold as long as you can.

You can also ditch the elevator and opt for stairs wherever possible. Various stretches can be done pretty quickly without drawing too much attention. Make sure to workout and stretch every hour to reduce the effects of sitting.

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