Stair Running: Simple, Hard, Beneficial Workout

Stair running is simple. You find a staircase and start climbing, or better yet running (depending on your fitness level). Obviously, running up the stairs has got to be one of the most exhausting things. Oh, but there are added benefits to this atypical type of cardio.

Woman stair running

Increases Your Fitness Level

In one study pariticipants who walked a 199-step staircase for 8 weeks, 5 times a week increased their VO2max (maximal oxygen uptake, which allows to determine aerobic fitness) by 17 per cent. Running stairs will make an even bigger impact on your overall fitness.

Easier On Joints

Stair running is easier on the joints than regular running and sprinting but it still can give you the benefits of both. It also improves your vertical jump and range of motion.

Works More Muscles

Stair running is harder than running uphill because the manmade steps are usually steeper than hills and so they engage more muscles than regular running, which gives your rear and legs a good workout. You can also prepare for your race or sprints by stair running to improve speed and power.

Harder Than Walking

Since walking and running up the stairs is much harder than simply walking, you can shorten your daily workout by stair running at your local stadium or park instead of walking miles and miles on end and still get the same benefits. Run up the stairs but be sure to walk down to avoid falls and injuries.

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