Test Your Core: 5 Exercises To Include Into Your Next Workout

Tired of crunches and soft unbalanced core? Here are a few moves that will challenge your body and mind and will strengthen those deep muscles in your core increasing your overall fitness level.

Butt Ups

Butt up ab exercise

Butt ups may seem easier than they are in reality especially if your core is unbalanced and weak. Start in a plank position and pull your butt up using your abdominal muscles. To make the move more challenging dive back with your stomach to the floor and pull yourself up back again. It’s not as easy as it sounds.

Renegade Rows

Renegade row exercise

Renegade or plank rows are a killer. They don’t just make your abs look great but they also make you work hard to keep your balance and strengthen your grip as you progress in weight load.


Scissors Exercise

Scissors look easy enough but they fire up your lower part of the stomach as the move requires you to balance your legs in the air.


Pike exercise

Pike is a great ab exercise. It’s challenging and difficult for novices. You might want to start with knee tucks first also using the Swiss ball. Simply pull your knees to your chest instead of pulling your butt up.

Plank Pull Ups

Plank pull ups exercise

This one looks like a hell of an exercise. The idea is to have sliding discs (or towels) under your toes and pull your weight with your abs as you slide up and down.

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