Why Women Need To Strength Train

Strength training has long been considered as men-only type of training, fortunately, more and more women are discovering strength training. Though a myth that heavy training makes gentlement out of ladies is still pretty much alive and is a concern for many beginners. Here are a few reasons why women need strength training and now.

4 Reasons Women Need To Strength Train

Woman training biceps

To Tone Up

Feeling a bit silly writing this but, hey, I hear too many women saying they don’t want muscles they just want to lose fat and tone. Well, guess what gives you the tone? Muscles being denser and smaller in volume than fat create that tone and even smooth out your skin significantly reducing the appearance of cellulite.

To Get Strong

Whether you have a physical job or a toddler strenth training can make your daily tasks easier. As you build more muscles you can perform better when it comes to lifting heavy weights regardless of whether those are at the gym or home.

To Correct Figure

Want a rounder behind or more shapely legs/arms? Well, strength training is what you need. You can grow a bit of muscle here and there to add curves besides burning fat, which will only make your figure more well-balanced provided you hit all of the muscles instead of just one particular area.

To Lose Fat

As if it wasn’t obvious enough, strength training helps burn fat and rev up your metabolism. Combined with cardio strength training can give you amazing results if you are trying to lose fat and correct your figure.

Other benefits of strength training include improved posture, bone strength, improved sleep and balance. It can also help maintain such chronic conditions as arthritis, heart disease, and diabetes.

How To Start

  • Strengthen tissue around your joints. Before you go heavy be sure your joints are strong and well trained. You can start with bodyweight squats and also different other exercises that will help you strengthen your joints, which is very important for weight lifting.
  • Learn proper technique. Technique is the most important part of the exercise. You should always watch for and maintain a proper form to not only prevent injury but also benefit from the exercise.
  • Ditch 5-pound dumbbells. If you have been going to the gym for more than a month chances are those 5-pound dumbbells won’t do anything much for you. Gradually start increasing weights in your program for 10-12 reps if you want to grow muscle and 12+ reps if you want to train for endurance.
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