Apple Watch Is Just Another Fitness Tracker

Apple Watch

Yesterday Apple presented the new gadgets it’s been working on lately. The sixth iPhone was the main attraction, of course, but the Apple Watch was also anticipated with interest. The new device isn’t not a conventional watch but it’s not merely a fitness band either. So what exactly is it? Quite a few resources noted that the watch would measure heart rate and calories burnt making it a fitness tracker but Apple went ahead and added a few perks if you’re interested.

So, the iWatch is visually a wrist watch with a rounded square face that doubles as a fitness band, which can be customized/personalized. It will come in three versions – regular watch, sporty watch, and 18k gold watch – in two sizes – 1.5 and 1.65″. Different straps will allow further customization. The back of the watch features sensors and the watch uses accelerometer to measure activity; it counts steps, calories burnt, heart rate, and can also distinguish whether you’re standing or sitting.

The device will work only with iPhone 5 or 6 and feature the same apps (Facebook, Twitter) as well as the ones specifically designed for the watch. Besides tracking your fitness progress and offering goals it will also allow you to pay with credit cards via Apple Pay technology (without using the physical cards), allow you to send heartbeat, drawings, and messages to friends, and

The iWatch certainly isn’t a revolutionary fitness gadget. First and foremost, it’s a personalized timepiece that does random things, which makes it stand out among other timepieces probably, but it’s certainly nothing new in terms of fitness gadgetry. It uses the accelerometer to measure activity and it mostly measures what other fitness trackers measure. It was rumored that the device will have an ultraviolet sensor to measure the wearer’s exposure to the sun but it wasn’t mentioned as one of the features during the presentation. As usual, Apple will have a rival product Samsung Gear S that has all the similar features including the fitness tracking and also works as a phone, which will become available in October.

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