Mermaid Fitness Trend Is A Real Thing

Mermaid workout is a real thing, it seems.Hotel Del Coronado resort in San Diego, CA, is offering a 45-minute mermaid fitness class where you splash in a swimming pool wearing a metallic fin just like Ariel. The idea is that swimming like a mermaid activates your abs, quads, and glutes more than in regular swimming.

The workout also includes exercises with beach balls and pool noodles to strengthen the leg and arm muscles. A class is offered at $20 a class but if you’re not in Cali, you can soon buy a fin from the hotel’s online store. More and more untraditional fitness trends are emerging all around the world and while some of them might seem weird, it’s better than sitting on a couch in summer heat.

Mermaid Fitness Trend

Mermaid fitness trend

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