This Fit Man Has Been Eating Nothing But Chipotle For A Year

Devin Cunningham is one of those people who don’t simply go to the gym to get in shape. He wants to prove (and actually succeeding at it) that you can eat whatever you want and still reach your fitness goals. In his case he both gained muscle and cut fat by only eating food off Chipotle menu.

Man On A Year-Long Chipotle Diet

Guy who eats only Chipotle

Cunningham’s idea isn’t new or unique. There were people before him who have successfully done this, namely lost weight eating pizza, McDonalds and twinkies. Yet somehow this kind of stuff keeps surprising people. Yes, this man has only eaten Chipotle for almost a year now and he looks fantastic. He reports that he’s around 10%-11% body fat and his initial goal was to gain weight (muscle) and he went from 172 to 146 all the while eating the fast-food chain’s meals and even driving to Canada during Chipotle’s E.Coli outbreak.

But his dedication shows beyond that. He has been thoroughly documenting his meals by weighing them, controlling portion size and even taking photos of receipts, which he posts on his Instagram @reallyslowfour.

The main takeaway from this story is that while you can eat almost whatever you want, it’s all about how much you’re eating. Also, Devin Cunningham’s meals always include greens, veggies, and meat, so while his choices are pretty limited, he does get variety in his diet. And he does exercise, which you can tell by his body composition. So if you’re struggling with your diet, just weigh the food and count the calories and you can get away if not with anything, then with a lot more than usually normal for diets.

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