All About Sweat: 3 Must-Know Facts

Panting, messy hair, and dripping sweat are just some of the signs of hard physical work. But most people are mostly interested in how much they sweat thinking it has something to do with their immediate weight loss. Here are five must-know sweat-related facts that will help you understand what happens to your body during a workout and whether you should pay attention to it.

Must-Know Sweat Facts

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You Sweat More Than You Think

It is commonly thought that a human can sweat a maximum of three liters per day. Make it a hot summer day and you can easily squeeze out that amount in an hour.

Sweat And Calories Burned Are Not Necessary Correlated

Sweat is first and foremost is an indication of the rising body temperature as it is our bodies natural way of cooling down. It has little to do with how hard you’re working. The weather may just be hot and you’re wearing thicker clothes or a plastic wrap (don’t!). If you are working hard you are probably burning a little more calories. But in heat and humidity it’s difficult to work hard as your body is busy keeping you cool and safe.

Sweat Composition Matters

Our sweat isn’t just water and salt. It consists of various biomarkers that can help catch deficiencies like a potassium deficiency that can lead to palpitations, tiredness and other unpleasant symptoms. So if we learn to analyze it on a daily basis it’d help us be more fit and healthy.

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