In And Out: How To Get Timely Workouts Into Your Schedule

For many time is an issue when it comes to working out. And while you may roll your eyes at the motivational slogans like “Make time”, they kinda have a point. You do want to be fit after all, right? Well, here’s how to do it.

How To Keep Timely Workouts In Your Schedule

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Keep Your Gear Bag Ready

Always have your gear bag in your car filled with clean workout clothes and water or snacks or earphones, whatever you have to have to ‘survive’ the session. You don’t want to waste time after the long work day prepping it up and then commuting to the gym.

Don’t Commute To Gym

This is common sense. The closer the gym, the less is the chance that you’ll say “Frakk it” and not go. If you are living in an apartment complex there has to be at least a small room with a treadmill and some weights. Use them.

Put Your Phone Away

Working out? Focus on that. It’s one thing when you always have to be in touch (with work or family), and another when you’re sitting on a machine reading Twitter. Quit it. You’re here to put the work in.

Keep Workouts Short

There’s no need to stretch your workouts for hours. You’re not going to build all the muscles all in one go, so keep it short but consistent.

Be Flexible

Don’t have time to go to the gym? Work in a short intense workout at home with resistance bands, adjustable kettlebell or simply bodyweight exercises.You know you should be doing them anyways.

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