Athos Takes Fitness Tracking To Next Level With Their Athletic Wear

Athos wear

Athos women’s and men’s compression athletic wear

Athos is the first smart clothing that measures your muscle effort while you’re performing an exercise. Before the technology (electromyography or EMEG) that is used to measure the electrical activity of muscles was too costly and was only used high performance institutes and physiotherapy and rehabilitation clinics. Now the sensors built into Athos gym wear is available for just a few hundred dollars (depending on what you’re buying) and can show you how hard your muscles work on a scale of 0 to 100%.

The knowledge of which and how hard your muscles are working could help you not only perform exercises properly (improve form), but also work harder to engage more fibers in your muscles, which may not only lead to size but also strength gains.

Squat illustration

Athos app good (left) versus bad (right) squat muscle effort illustration

The gear comes with a free app that shows you what muscle groups are working during a certain exercise and to what extent (muscle effort percentage). You can see imbalances in your right and left sides as well as track which muscles work more and which work less, which makes it instantly easier to adjust and see what you’re doing wrong.

If you thought of using one of those fitness trackers on the market that can only tell you if you sleep enough, I say your money’d better spent on EMEG tech. 

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