Study Finds People Spend Less Than 10 Per Cent Of Their Life Exercising

Reebok has started a 25,915 Days campaign to motivate people to exercise more to make their life days count. In a study of survey data from 90,000 respondents from nine countries (United Kingdom, United States, Canada, Mexico, France, Germany, Spain, Russia, and Korea) it was found that out of 25,915 days (71 years) of average human life 180 days are spent on exercise while 10,625 days are spent on staring at the screen of some electronic device.

People Spend Less Than 10 Per Cent Of Their Life On Exercise

Reebok shot a short video about one woman’s life of activity and exercise and it wants you to ‘Honor The Body You’d Been Given’. It’s true, we’re becoming increasingly more sedentary. But it’s all in your hands, you don’t have to do something everybody is doing at the moment. Just pick an activity you enjoy and have fun with it.

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