Your Daily Calorie Norm May Be Higher Than It Should Be

Think you’re eating a low calorie diet just because you’re following the number you got using a calorie formula? Well, you might want to recalculate since most of the formulas are too old and don’t take into account our increasingly becoming more and more prevalent sedentary lifestyle. We barely move around anymore and we surely don’t work physically as much making those numbers too high even with the three gym sessions a week.

Your Daily ‘Calorie Norm’ May Be Too High For Your Lifestyle


There is also a notion that eating meager 1200 calories is starvation but for average women who work at the office it is a norm according to a 90’s Mifflin-St. Jeor Equation. Which only means that if they are not trying to create a caloric deficit through exercise they will have to go even lower than that to lose weight.

So between a really low calorie norm and lack of motion it may be really hard to stick to diet, which leaves only one option if you want to enjoy both comfort foods and a fit body – increased physical activity. You don’t have to spend hours in the gym daily but you can choose to do a sport you really enjoy in addition to your training regimen in order to expend the calories from your favorite mashed potatoes and fries. Of course, you’ll still have to eat within your caloric norm.

If a three one-hour sessions in the gym is all you can muster you’ll need quite fewer calories especially as your fat loss progresses. And if you don’t work out at all, you don’t need to add those physical activity calories to your daily intake, which might leave you with surprisingly less kilojoules to spare. Shortly speaking, the motivation ‘I work out because I love food’ is very true for many people.

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