Best Training Equipment For Life on The Go

Living on the go or traveling often may take toll on your diet and as a result on your body. Eating high-calorie foods at odd times and having no or little access to the gym is bound to make it hard to keep fit. But is it impossible?

Training Equipment for Working Out on the Go

Resistance bands

Resistance band Good Morning

When it comes to diet there are always healthier choices on the menu like salads, whole grain bread, grilled veggies and steak, plain coffee instead of lattes and fresh fruit in place of desserts. It is more a matter of choice rather than anything else. You could choose to buy a burger or you could pack a banana and a handful of almonds in your handbag.

It is a bit trickier with exercising but here is where you have to make time and give your all. A few mobile training equipment pieces for working out that will give you most bang for the buck are the resistance bands of various resistance and a speed rope. You can pack these and not worry about getting a workout into your busy schedule. And what a workout it can be!

Resistance bands can be used in so many different ways in your workout, you’ll appreciate their portability and versatility. You can practice pull ups wherever you can find a bar or something similar to it. You can train glutes by doing monster walks, hip bridges, and good mornings, which are much more difficult to perform correctly with a barbell. You can train chest by doing different fly variations and the best part about it is that you don’t need any additional equipment.

If you don’t like running or jogging, a speed rope might be your perfect solution to cardio that you can do anywhere. Rope jumping is very high impact exercise that makes you really sweat and trains calves like nothing else.


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