Things Workout Does To Your Body (Funny Version)

You already know what workout does to your body but here we are to elaborate on what it also does to you especially if you have been working out consistently for a certain period of time.

Things Workout Does To You

Workout clothes

Makes You Look Good In Muscle Tank

There is no doubt that regular exercise does your health good but it also makes you look really good in a muscle tank, well, any tank.

And Buy Nicer Fitness Clothes

When you’re just beginning, workout clothes seems like a simple necessity. Later as workout becomes a great part of your life you may develop a desire to invest in a more breathable, more elaborate design-wise, more quality sports clothes to accentuate your new figure and newfound confidence.

Makes You Walk Funny

While it does make your body look better exercise can also be a real pain. So much so as it can make you walk funny. Or at least feel funny while walking. After leg day.

Compells You to Flex In Front of Mirror (A Lot)

Exercise makes you look so good you can’t help but flex in front of the mirror (or any reflective surface really) a lot. You also start liking taking photos of yourself and posting them across all of your social media.

Turns You Into Hot Mess

Let’s be honest working out makes you sweat and simply turns you into a hot mess. Runny makeup, sweaty hair, and all that makes you look less than hot. Though a healthy fit body totally makes up for it

Makes You Impossibly Smug

Working out can also make you impossibly smug. When you go to that hip new studio or better a CrossFit box you gradually becoming more and more convinced you’re better than most because you workout, because you do CrossFit, or because you make better life decisions.

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