Fitness Bag “Essentials” You Can Do Without

When it comes to making time for workout it really is important to have everything you need and be ready to go when your time is limited. Having a fitness bag at the ready can even help you lift stress from workout and if you don’t like exercising this is what you should do as much as possible. But there are some fitness bag “essentials” that you really don’t need that much to have a great and complete workout.

Workout “Essentials” You Can Do Without

Fitness bag

Fancy Gear & Clothes

Fancy gear and clothes aren’t important when it comes to working out. Is your sports clothes clean and fresh? That’s all that matters. Just have two sets that you can wear and wash throughout the week and never think of it again. Unless, of course, you want to and it keeps you motivated and self-confident. The only thing you really have to invest in is shoes especially if you are a runner or heavy lifter.

Heart Rate Monitor

While this is a useful device, it’s hardly an essential. Go ahead and skip it if you don’t have one. You can just as effectively train and gain without one anyway. Just keep your workouts intense and be sure to vary the intensity level every four to six weeks depending on your energy levels and fitness goals.


Seriously, perfume and tight gym dressing rooms just don’t match, so relax and stick to roller deodorant and not much else. A full makeup bag is also not essential. Just put a few products you can’t live without into your bag and go on with your workout.

Packing too much stuff into your gym/workout bag can be daunting to unpack or sift through. Prioritize the things you need to have on hand at all times like medicine or a snack and put them into your backpack.

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